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What if you could experience movement in your sexual healing journey? What if you could learn all about sex God’s way, enjoying a oneness that He created that is more fulfilling, satisfying, passionate and erotic than you’ve ever known? Sex with no baggage? All within the beautiful context of a lifelong, covenantal commitment?

If your interest is piqued, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are married, single, or engaged, our heartfelt desire is to provide you with resources to help you experience the thrill of discovery, connection, and intimacy in your current or future relationship.

As you browse this site, you’ll have the opportunity to…

• Take our Sexual Screening
• Purchase an At-Home Clinical Protocol you can follow in the privacy of your home
• Learn about upcoming retreats
• Allow God to heal lies, vows and agreements that may be holding you back
• Read articles filled with practical advice for a more fulfilling love life

Got Five Minutes?

Complete our Sexual Function Screening to receive your results and suggestions about your next steps towards sexual healing.

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Watch our show, Virgin Coaches, airing at 8pm and 10pm (MST) on Tuesday, November 11th, and again on Wednesday, November 19th!

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Bill and I keep a Romance Calendar to help us plan out weekly dates for the coming year. To help us plan, we have weekly themes. For example, the first week of every month, we plan a cheap date. The second week of...

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