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10 Reasons Your Marriage Intimacy is Stagnant

There may be several reasons you and your spouse might be stagnant in the intimacy department. In fact, you may have tried to ignite your (spiritual, emotional and sexual) oneness in the past, but then it quickly cooled off. We call it getting STUCK!

Over the last 14 years, we’ve heard the reasons below from the couples in our coaching practice. See if you can relate to any of them:

  1. My spouse doesn’t see the value of intimacy as I do
  2. We can’t find the time; we’re both too busy.
  3. One or both of us gets disrupted by a current or past trauma or pain.
  4. Our disagreements never get resolved, and resentments created a wall.
  5. It’s way too much work.
  6. It’s hard to risk because my spouse is untrustworthy.
  7. I’m feeling hopeless things could ever change between us.
  8. There’s spiritual opposition that looks like one roadblock after another.
  9. We’re too tired and exhausted.
  10. I know I’ll fail in meeting my spouse’s expectations so why try.

From our experience, there’s a very high percentage that you can relate. If that’s true, take us up on our offer to give YOU the same help we give our clients who face these issues with the Divine Desire -Married Edition Video Course! Try our free one-week Divine Desire course at:

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