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BillJ-bioPicAbout Bill and Janean

We would love to help you grow in intimacy toward the Lord and your spouse or future spouse with our study-at-home protocols, ministry intensives and intimacy retreats for both married and engaged couples. Don’t forget to download our free eBook, “Sexual Intimacy: Why its Essential for Your Marriage” today!

 were married in 2004 after living for 20 years as single, celibate believers. They have five children and five grandchildren between them.

Bill was trained as a Christian Formation and Soul Care Spiritual Director from Denver Seminary, and Janean graduated from the Sexual Wholeness Institute in clinical Christian Sex Therapy. They are both certified as Master-Level Christian Mind-Body Work (N.E.T. Neuro-Emotional Technique, T.F.T. Thought-Field Therapy, E.M.D.R. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Spiritual Warfare and Applied Kinesiology) practitioners from the Splankna Institute and have been trained in Advanced Theophostic Prayer ministry.