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Our Story

ourStoryBillandJHOW WE GOT HERE

Bill and I (Janean) came to know the Lord as adults and began attending a large church in Hermosa Beach called Hope Chapel. We met when Bill began leading a home fellowship that I attended. Newly separated from our first marriages and both single parents, we became friends and prayed with one another for healing and reconciliation with our spouses. We spent four years together in a small group, attended single parent functions and went to family camps with our children. We lost touch for thirteen years when I moved to Colorado Springs until our adult daughters recognized each other at a mutual friend’s wedding. They re-connected us and, two years later, we were married.

After being celibate for 20 years and, after completing the difficult job of being single parents, we both shut down our sexual desires. Consequently we faced some sexual difficulties after marriage that we didn’t know how to deal with. We couldn’t find anywhere to turn; every time we brought up our sexual struggles to pastors, friends and even Christian counselors, they avoided the subject and became uncomfortable.

We searched for a Christian sex therapist in our community and found none. Many specialized in sexual addiction (which is completely different than working with sexual dysfunctions that hinder a couple’s intimacy) but we found no one who could counsel couples in becoming “one”.


We decided to receive training in sexuality. Bill was certified through the American Association of Christian Counselors in Human Sexuality and Janean in Clinical Christian Sex Therapy from the Institute of Sexual Wholeness to help other couples like us.

We first began by helping ourselves. God began healing our trauma which positively affected our sexual issues. However, we’ll never stop learning how to become more intimate with the Lord and each other!

Now we work to encourage the couples we help to see the importance of making love to their spouse regularly. It’s a sacred act that is the only time they’re “one flesh” in the Lord spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It brings healing to the marriage and reflects how the marriage is doing outside the bedroom.

Our hope is that the church will begin to embrace and encourage this holy union and become more comfortable with reaching out and helping other couples sexually in the Body of Christ. Finally, our prayer is that all people will celebrate the God who created and ordained the beauty of making love in the context of a Christian marriage.