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Too racy for the church and too “Christian” for the rest of the world, spiritual director  Bill Fuller, and his wife, Janean Fuller, a certified Christian sex therapist,  have a special niche of people they minister to – virgins!

At a romantic retreat in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, meet four young engaged couples who are waiting until marriage to consummate their physical relationship. True love may wait, but with all the pressure and inexperience; will their big wedding night be a big fiasco?

On Virgin Coaches, Bill and Janean get real about sex, dispelling the myths and revealing the facts on size, technique and God’s way of making love as they teach the young lovers how to ignite the sexuality they’ve been putting on ice. Bill and Janean coach the virgins from wide-eyed innocence putting both their fears and their new spouse to bed on their wedding night!


In the summer of 2013, we received an unusual email from a television production company asking us if they could interview us for a potential TV show. Initially thinking it was a hoax, we shot back an email saying, “Thanks but no thanks.” Immediately, a producer with M2 pictures responded, assuring us this was an opportunity we did not want to pass up! With some trepidation, we responded and, after six interviews, producer Lucie Jourdan filmed a “sizzle reel” — a mini synopsis of us doing a retreat with several couples. When we viewed it with family and close friends, the 12-minute short had everyone laughing hysterically and crying tears of joy. M2 Pictures pitched several of their shows to TLC and, when the network heard about the “Christian sex therapists”, they wanted to see the full 12 minutes of the show instead of the usual five-minute preview. As you know now, TLC picked it up and, after entering the exciting world of television – hiring talent agents and entertainment attorneys and signing contracts – we watched one miracle after another as nine days of filming was condensed into a 42-minute pilot, airing on November 11th, 2014. We absolutely loved getting to know the virgin couples and getting them bedroom-ready for their first time – a God-honoring wedding night when two become one!

Register to attend an Engaged Couples Retreat similar to the one on Virgin Coaches!  (You DON’T need to be a virgin to attend)