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Male and Female Sexual Function Screening

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 8.54.16 AMPurchase the “Male and Female Sexual Screening” in order to determine whether or not the “Divine Desire Protocol – Married version” will be a good fit and helpful to you. If not, other suggestions will be made so you can continue to move forward in your sexual healing journey. Simply highlight your yes or no answers to each question, and email them back to us at

This screening tool is not a diagnosis. The information you obtain from this screening is for informational purposes only. The purchase of this screening does not create a counseling or minister-client relationship between you and Bill and Janean Fuller at New Covenant GraceLife Ministries. A formal ministry engagement through signing our Disclosure Statement that is mutually agreed upon between both of us would need to be established first. Although, we keep your results and suggestions confidential, please be aware that any information that is transmitted electronically may not be secure and confidential.

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