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Intentionally Intensive!

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Whether you’re single, engaged or married, coming to see us in Colorado for a Christian sexual intimacy ministry intensive will help move you toward sexual wholeness. Our focus is doing the Christian mind-body work so you can return home and be set free to enjoy your spouse or your future Adam or Eve, and/or enter into and enjoy the Intimacy Experiences in the protocols.

Christian mind-body work (or Splankna) along with prayer is remarkably effective for producing lasting change. These Splankna mind-body tools are particularly effective with sexual issues that are rooted in the sub-conscious.

We provide ministry for sexual desire discrepancies between spouses, arousal issues, performance issues, fear of intimacy with God or your spouse, and painful intercourse. You’ll complete a sexual screening before your ministry intensive and return some paperwork so we can get to know you before you arrive. Unlike talk therapy counseling, or cognitive behavioral counseling, the 3, 4, or 5 day Christian sexual intimacy intensives are not as emotionally draining, and build a foundation so you can move forward when you return home.


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