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Catch the Little Foxes

Catch the Little Foxes
VALENTINE’S Weekend, on Friday night and Saturday day February 12th and 13th, 2016 – CATCH THE LITTLE FOXES DEVOURING YOUR VINEYARD
Too often in our Christian sexual intimacy ministry we’ve witnessed the biggest obstacles that is getting in the way of becoming “more than roommates” are stress, fatigue, busyness and a couples priorities being out of balance. These little foxes are insidious and quietly on the prowl, and they would like nothing better than to stop your garden from blossoming too!
And chances are, you’ve been taught to put God first, your spouse second, your children third and everything else after that. But too often, everything else comes first, and our intimacy with the Lord and our spouses are the first to go. Despite our desires and best efforts to give our lovers something more than the fumes at the end of our day (or nothing at all), we still remain busy, constantly wired to technology, and running to our little gods that we think will fulfill us.
Can you imagine leaving our retreat discovering a rhythm of living that will help you to be intentionally passionate with both your heavenly and earthly lovers? How about being hopeful that you can have a sustainable and life-giving Sabbath with both of them too?Jesus is offering you a way back to freedom and the abundant intimate life He talked about with Him and your spouse; and who knows after devoted time with Jesus everything else just might fall into place too!The retreat will be held Friday the 13th (Jesus took care of that curse) starting at 6 PM, (you have the option of staying the night) and leaving Saturday the 14th at 4 PM.But the romance doesn’t stop there. We’ll also be your personal date planners for Valentine’s Day, and each couple will leave with a different and exciting Valentine’s Day to enjoy together. Think romantic dinner, intimate conversation, and an erotic encounter (appropriate and life-giving for engaged couples – but more spicy for married) where you’ll both get to taste and savor your delicious love!

Song of Solomon Libretto

Say to your wife/fiancee right now, “Get up, my darling; the time is right, and we’re ready! Let’s go away, my beautiful one, on a Valentine’s Day Intimacy Retreat.”
Say to your husband/fiance right now, “Come, my lover, let’s go up and spend the night in the high places, and there we’ll experience old and new ways of being intimate with the Lord and each other. There I will give you my love.”
Jesus says, ““Are you tired? Worn out? Come to Me. Get away with Me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of intimacy. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. You’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”
You all say, “Take me away with you, let’s run off together and catch the little foxes that have crept in and snatched our intimate desire and passion.”


RETREAT SCHEDULE  (check back for updates)

Overview: This is a fun and spiritual interactive time with your heavenly and earthly lovers; not lecture!

Practicing the Soul Care Disciplines of Lectio Divina, Imagination Contemplation, and Artful Contemplation we’ll move into opening our hearts to ” Yada” (being known by and knowing fully) our Heavenly Lover.

You’ll also be playing sexy and exciting games, and even getting romantic ideas for “Yada” experiences with your earthly lover!


5 to 6: Check -in

6 to 9 PM: Session 1 – Hiding from Yada

Where do you hide from yada

What are the foxes that destroy yada

Taking an honest heart inventory


9 to 12 AM:  Sesion 2 – The Rhythm of Yada

Sabbath Rest

There’s a time and Season for Yada

Jesus is our example of living the rhythm of yada

12 to 1 PM: Lunch

1 to 4 PM: Session 3 – Embracing Your Yada Covenant 

What is a Yada Covenant

Create Your Yada Covenant with your heavenly and earthly lovers

Recommit to your Yada Covenant with your heavenly and earthly lovers

Choose your romantic Valentine’s Date game

4:30 PM: Leave for Your Romantic and Fun Valentine’s Date with Your  Lover

Planned and created for you by the wild and crazy experienced date experts Bill and Janean Fuller (do you trust us?)


EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: $195 per couple TILL January 31st, 2016

(includes the retreat, materials, breakfast and lunch on Saturday and your planned date that evening)

If you choose to stay you’ll pay for accommodations separately