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Engaged Couples Intimacy Retreat

Engaged Couples Intimacy Retreat

Preparing for a Lifetime of Marital Sexual Love
Enjoy a romantic retreat in the gorgeous Colorado Rockies where you and your future spouse will learn all about the sacredness of married, Christian, sexual love. You’ll discover how sexual passion is a God-given gift, what marital “oneness” will look like in your future marriage, and how you’ll both bring your masculine and feminine souls into your future marriage bed where you’ll glorify the completed image of God every time you come together! Couples will have a deeper understanding of the kind of sexual intimacy God intended for your future marriage: sensual, transcendent moments of ecstasy where both of you will experience the beauty of God.

How will you both live in God’s design for your sexuality in your future marriage and at the same time celebrate the wife’s alluring power and the husband’s masculine strength and power to pursue within God’s parameters for their erotic desires?  No matter how wounded your sexuality is, what stage of life you’re in, or how long you have been together, the Lord desires to heal both of you as you experience community in a confidential group of other engaged couples. We’ll explore the following topics together and then separate male and and female groups for soul care:

  • Learning the difference between having sex and making love
  • Celebrating “oneness” in your future sexual love as God designed it
  • Understanding the dance of your sexual desires with God’s ultimate purpose
  • Increasing desire and romance in your future marriage, while learning various ways to initiate lovemaking
  • Understanding how your sexual story (from the time you were conceived till your wedding night) will impact your future lovemaking in your marriage.
  • Experiencing the differences between your masculine and feminine souls
  • Learning how your masculine and feminine souls complete the image of God when you’ll make love in marriage
  • Experiencing New Covenant grace through the Lord’s redemption now.

This isn’t the typical (all lecture) retreat you may have attended in the past. We use meditation, Imaginative Contemplation, Lectio Divina, Artful Contemplations, walking a labyrinth, and reflection.


Couples have opportunities to practice what they’re learning by doing appropriate Intimacy Experiences together before marriage, and you’ll get to enjoy a romantic, candlelit dinner for just the two of you! And you’ll be given new Intimacy Experiences for your honeymoon and beyond that aren’t in the Divine Desire-Engaged Edition, At-Home Clinical Protocol.

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These retreats are not filmed without prior written consent from attendees.