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Christian Mind-Body Work

Christian Mind-Body Work


We have found Christian mind-body work (Splankna) to be extremely effective for sexual trauma and sexual dysfunctions because it not only improves symptoms in the emotions and spirit, but the body as well. We integrate Spiritual Warfare, Neuro-Emotional Technique (N.E.T.), Thought Field Therapy (T.F.T.), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (E.M.D.R.) while filtering out all New Age philosophy. Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully created by the Lord. Chinese medicine does not give glory to the Lord, however they have known how amazing the body is for years now! We are redeeming it for the Lord’s glory and revealing His truth of how He has created our bodies, minds and spirit. We are meticulous about staying within God’s spiritual boundaries and not straying into New Age thought or practice!

The symptoms that clients present with are understood to be a result of current life experiences triggering a trauma or painful event from their past, which then re-activates the old emotional content creating an over-reaction in the moment. The subconscious catalogs the past memories like a computer hard drive. With the Splankna Healing Protocol, those symptoms can be released emotionally, spiritually and physically, thus cleaning out the file, lifting the symptoms, and improving the negative symptoms. The Lord is the agent of change and we and the clients give the Lord all the glory after experiencing a Splankna session.

God teaches us in the Bible that all things were created by Him and exist in Him and through Him (John 1, Acts 17:25) It is the Spirit of God sustaining creation that causes us to be alive. So while the New Age community may think they’re manipulating an impersonal universal “life force”, they are really tapping into God’s remarkable creation in the mind-body connection.


Sessions are done in a typical counseling setting. Client and practitioner sit upright, across from one another and muscle-testing or applied kinesiology (see below) is administered with the client holding an arm out straight in front of the torso. The client touches their own body (with permission form the client we may touch a head point for you), mirroring the therapist. There is no hypnosis or suspension of consciousness involved in the process at all. The client is fully conscious and emotionally present throughout the treatment. Clients can stop at any time and ask any questions throughout the process. The session may involve forgiving yourself, God or others and always begins and ends in prayer.


The theory goes like this: Any major muscle that is well isolated will respond to subtle energetic shifts that go off in the body. If a client holds an arm out forward, strengthening their deltoid muscle and a practitioner pushes down on the arm, the muscle will bounce back, resisting the pressure. But if an idea is presented that the client is incongruent with (such as having a male say he is a female) the muscle will respond differently. The incongruence of the idea causes a slight energetic shift in the body and instead of bouncing back the muscle will give way or go ‘weak.’ Because of this simple body response, muscle-testing can be used as a rudimentary tool for accessing stored trauma content in the client’s system that is fueling psychological symptoms.

But here is the common New Age error: A Muscle-Test Is Not A Fact. It is a response of the subconscious mind. And the subconscious is quite fallible.

It is the subconscious mind that is responding when a muscle goes weak and the subconscious, while being a remarkable data center, is not a good judgment center. It does not remotely have ‘all divine wisdom.’ Data and wisdom are not the same thing. The subconscious operates out of very fear-based, almost infantile judgment and cannot be looked to as the source of all the answers. Its strength is that it catalogs one’s life experiences like a hard-drive. Its data is exhaustive about one’s own experiences, the emotions that got stored in the body from trauma and how they are fueling symptoms. But the therapist must help the client’s subconscious to get through quite a bit of fear and resistance along the way.

With all of its weaknesses understood, it remains a useful tool in accessing subconscious trauma and relieving emotional symptoms. We also believe the Lord is in control of this tool, however the proof of the healing is always in the fruit of the work the Lord does and not in the muscle-test.


When it is identified that a particular emotion is stored in the body from a trauma and is fueling a symptom, (i.e. anger at my ex-husband is fueling my depression), mind-body work facilitates the body’s own ability to release that stored emotion on an energetic level, thus removing some of the fuel behind the symptom. There are over a dozen current styles of getting this done. What they all have in common is that they use some form of what we call “Circuitry + Intent.” By “Circuitry” we mean some way to physically access/manipulate the body’s energy storage system (Meridian System of Energy). By “Intent” we mean having the client focus on an, imagine, remember, think about the emotion, trauma or symptom. When you put these together…some form of circuitry and client intention, the body is facilitated to resolve/release the stored emotion. The following are brief descriptions of our three styles of “Circuitry.”


N.E.T. was designed by a chiropractor, Dr. Scott Walker as a way to incorporate the body’s energy system into structural alignment and balance. As somewhat of a serendipity he discovered that the treatment is also useful in emotional healing. It is only in the last few years that the world of psychology has begun to discover N.E.T. and its benefits. Sarah Thiessen, the designer of Splankna Therapy™, happened upon N.E.T. through a chiropractor friend and colleague. The style of “circuitry” employed by N.E.T. is simply to place the fingertips on the Meridian point where a trauma emotion is thought to be stored, while placing the other hand on the part of the head that pertains to the trauma’s general category (for instance on the right temple for future/left temple for past.) The tool of muscle-testing was gleaned from the N.E.T. protocol. It is a common practice among the chiropractic community. 


Thought Field Therapy was originated by Dr. Richard Callahan who had a background in body psychology and chiropractic’s. He designed a system of “algorithms”, or orders in which to tap, on Meridian points that he found to correlate to emotion sets. For instance, an order in which to tap on particular points when clearing something in the “grief” category, as opposed to “anger” or “pain.” These algorithms are especially helpful for acute emotional overload or subconscious resistance. Splankna Therapy™’ heavy emphasis on forgiveness and collarbone statements was gleaned from T.F.T.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) 

Dr. Francine Shapiro discovered, quite accidentally, that rapid horizontal eye movement seemed to assist the brain in resolving “stuck” trauma processes. Through the exploration of the phenomenon, it was discovered that bi-lateral brain hemisphere stimulation is a powerful neurological change agent. Splankna Therapy™ incorporates this simple, but effective tool. It has been said to be one of the most researched psychological treatments and has been proven to be very efficacious in relieving trauma symptoms.