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Wallet-Friendly Date Ideas

sx-coupleBenchBill and I keep a Romance Calendar to help us plan out weekly dates for the coming year. To help us plan, we have weekly themes. For example, the first week of every month, we plan a cheap date. The second week of every month, we plan a romantic date. The third week a sexy date. The fourth week of the month, we plan an artsy-fartsy date or a group date with other couples and friends.

Below you’ll find a list of 39 cheap date ideas. But before you get started, here’s a tip for the guys: Whatever you decide to do, men, make it feel like a real date. Call your woman on the phone and ask her out. Get the car washed before you pick her up. Dress to impress. Knock on the front door when you pick her up (yes, we know it might be your front door, too, but do it anyway. It just adds to the fun.) Open the car door for your date. Hold her hand. Snuggle close. During the date, make it fun and talk only about positive things. Ask questions to get to know her (even more than you already do!) After the date, walk her to the front door, linger under the porch light, sneak a kiss. You want to really ramp it up? Walk back to your car and drive away. You don’t have to stay away for long—just drive around the block before coming home for good.

My (Janean’s) point is, make your date an evening to remember!

Now here are those budget-friend date ideas I promised you:

  1. Go out for ice cream or just dessert at a restaurant
  2. Go to the botanical gardens
  3. Go to a church event
  4. Read poetry or a book together in the park
  5. Go to a museum – there are free days
  6. Take a train ride
  7. Create a pizza at home
  8. Blast from the past date – what special memories can you recreate?
  9. Outdoor festival or concert
  10. Sit by a fireside and talk
  11. Go to a bookstore
  12. Cook a new recipe together
  13. Find a waterfall
  14. Go to the hot springs
  15. Go looking for antiques
  16. Go to open houses in expensive areas or look at model homes and dream
  17. Watch the stars or the sunset
  18. Go to a pet store
  19. Put a puzzle together
  20. Play a board game
  21. Pick some wildflowers together
  22. Go to the airport or the mall and watch people
  23. Go to the dollar movies in your area
  24. Go on a picnic together
  25. Go to a penny arcade and play games
  26. Read the funnies together or get on you tube and search geese attacks (very funny)
  27. Go to a coffee shop and talk or listen to a concert
  28. Do a progressive fast food restaurant (do soup somewhere, do main course somewhere, do dessert somewhere etc.)
  29. Take a Sunday drive
  30. Fly a kite date
  31. Shoot some hoops date
  32. Take some cars for a test drive
  33. Go to a furniture store and plan your dream house
  34. Go on a hike
  35. Go see the animals at the zoo
  36. Go to a park and play on the swings
  37. grab a thermos with some warm drinks for your tummies and watch the sunrise or sunset together
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  1. Saw your show Virgin Coaches and thought it was so good I’d try to remember when my son reaches that life-stage and perhaps give him & his fiance’ a gift to come visit you. Thus, I looked you up online and bookmarked your site. Found this great article of Wallet-Friendly Date Ideas and shared along with a link to your site. My husband & I have been married over 30 years and I think the various things you offer could be beneficial even to us. I look forward to more of what you have to offer on Godly perspectives toward sex and pray our Lord will continue to bless you in your vitally important ministry.

  2. Hi Chanda,
    Thanks for watching the show and for your email. It was very encouraging. It seems the church is close-minded as a whole to the importance of redeeming sexuality for God’s glory. We’re glad you shared the article. Maybe you can contact TLC and get others as well to say you loved the program and you want it to continue. Right now, they are doubtful about making it into a series. Blessings on your marriage! Bill and Janean

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