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Married Couples

Married Couples

Help for Married Couples

Sexual intimacy should be simple, right? And yet, we have counseled hundreds of couples around the world regarding their marriages and relationships, and many of the stories we hear are heartbreaking!

If you’re struggling you’re not alone – 57% of couples have unresolved sexual dysfunctions or problems. We have a saying “You Tell Your Life Story When You Make Love,” because your story is essential to the kind of lover you are to your spouse. The Lord doesn’t want you to suffer alone silently. He wants to heal your past or current trauma or pain that has stolen the joy and beauty of being your spouse’s one-flesh lover. It’s the only time you’re one-flesh emotionally, spiritually, physically. It’s the most important aspect of your relationship (even above your To Do list, employment, children, ministry or extended family), and it’s too important to ignore!

We offer married couples Sex Therapy Intensives (24, 32 or 40 hour) over a span of several days where we focus on doing the Christian mind-body work so they can return home and move forward in completing the 6 month, study-at-home, clinical Divine Desire Protocol for Married Couples. The length of time depends on the complexity of the couple’s issues, and trauma that is getting in the way of intimacy.

We don’t use other types of sex therapy approaches such as client observation, the use of pornography, or suggest anything that goes against scripture or God’s design for sexuality. We realize we are walking on sacred ground, and we treat each marital bed with holiness and respect. For more information about the Divine Desire Protocol read about it here.

We believe God can heal, and restore a couple’s intimate love. We know because we see it happen every day in the lives of our clients. We also know this because we’ve experienced firsthand the ongoing healing of our own sexual brokenness. When you get a chance, you can read our personal story here. But in the meantime, take heart. We’ve seen hundreds of couples move out of pain and isolation, and into the kind of ecstasy and oneness that they were created to experience and enjoy.

The two shall become one flesh. You are joined

with Christ and you are one spirit with Him.

(1 Corinthians 6:16-17)